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Gamesa Electric Proteus PV Inverters

Maximum energy and versatility for utility-scale projects


Better LCoE

Compact design which allows 2-inverter solution of up to 9400 kVA in a standard 40 ft skid, achieving overall cost reduction by using less
PV station units per project.

Design with best-in-class component that guarantees less probability of failure and therefore less operation cost (materials and workforce).

Market leading inverter efficiency of 99.4%.



Smart liquid/air CoolBrid cooling system that allows critical components to work at temperature level far below the limit, guaranteeing product life span.

Tier I supliers for critical components (power semiconductors, capacitors, inductances and control cards) with best-in-class MTBF values.

“Easy to support” concept, with heavy components in removable trays, reducing maintenance and repair time (MTTR).


Better LCoE

An extensive list of grid-codes compliance, including the most demanding ones, such as Germany, Mexico, Jordan, South Africa and more.

Full operating range reactive power supply for both day and night operation through the so-called Statcom mode.

Non-characteristic harmonics cancellation over distorted and unbalanced grids (weak grids).


Higher yield

High DC/AC ratio (up to 200%) to be prepared for bifacial modules, achieving higher production values.

Enhanced MPPT algorithm that provides outstanding MPPT efficiency values at static and dynamic states.

More yield even in challenging sites: operating up to 55ºC (up to 3.6% more energy production) and 2000 m (6561 ft) without derating.


Available to fit any customers' needs


Configurations Up to 4700 kVA

Gamesa Electric Proteus PV Inverters

cooling system


Advanced hybrid liquid and air cooling system

Up to 4700 kVA at 1500 V

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  • Outstanding set of inverter features to increase PV plant energy production and yield, highlighting:

    • Record breaking inverter maximum electrical efficiency with a value of 99.45%, thanks to CoolBrid cooling system.
      • Enhanced MPPT efficiency (algorithm) over static and dynamic conditions.
      • Extended MPPT range to increase energy production, especially at high irradiance environments.
    • High DC-AC ratio values to be ready for bifacial module technology.
    • Many variants (with improved power derating curve) to maximize energy production.
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  • Reliability is fundamental part of Gamesa Electric DNA and our products.

    • CoolBrid advanced cooling system to assure correct lifespan of critical components.
    • Prepared for harsh conditions:
      • Outdoor design IP55 Class 1 & NEMA 3R
      • Up to 60ºC operating
      • Water + Air Cooling System
      • Better for dusty environment
      • Selective Cooling
      • Continuous Temp. monitoring
      • H <= 2000 m
    • Tier I suppliers:
      • Tier I suppliers for main components
      • Field-Proven Components: CCU
      • Control Unit (CCU) MTBF: 40 years (over a 2.000 units population*)

        * Currently there are more than 6500 units in operation (G5x, G10x and PV Inverters). Study has been carried out on 2.000 units and more than 40 million operating hours.

    • Easy O&M (“Design to Maintain”):
      • Easy Access to main components
      • Easy to Maintain
      • Low MTTR
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  • Extensive know-how and experience on power electronics grid integration embedded on our products.

    • Best in market current THD performance with values lower than 1%.
    • Enhanced reactive power capabilities (P-Q curves, “Statcom” mode, Q at night).
    • Vast experience on grid-code fulfilment all over the world with a set of capabilities and performances on PV Controller.
    • Suitable for weak grids with features such as Selective Harmonic Cancellation (SHC).


(1) Consult Gamesa Electric for a specific configuration
(2) With derating from 40ºC [104ºF]
(3) Up to 4,000m [13,123 ft] with derating as optional
(4) Consult Gamesa Electric for other Standards/Directives

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