Gamesa Electric

Power Plant
Controller for
PV and Storage

Gamesa Electric Orchestra

PV & BESS control & monitoring


Broad & Flexible Functionality

Flexible plant configuration: – Photovoltaic generation – BESS stand alone – Hybrid solar + storage (DC and AC coupled system)

Multiple applications: Frequency response, ramp-rate control, energy shifting, peak shaving, clipping reduction, voltage control…

Local and remote control and monitoring compatible with different users: plant operator, grid operator, plant owner, service team.


Grid Connection Robustness

Extensive grid code knowledge based on wind, solar and BESS experience in more than 54 countries.

Grid code compliance proven in the most demanding markets including Europe, Australia, Mexico, USA and others

Advanced functionalities as optional: virtual synchronous machine (VSM), synthetic inertia, black start, grid forming.


Scalability and connectivity

Scalability from small to large utility scale projects.

Multi-PCS and multi-PV inverter coordination for maximum performance. Optimized state of charge (SOC) recovery algorithms.

Integrated cybersecurity, high communication speed and conectivity capacity, fast plant response.

Full grid compliance with the best performance

Power Plant Controller for PV & BESS

Gamesa Electric Orchestra brings intelligence to the PV and storage system optimising resources and maximising performance.

Hybrid PV + BESS

Gamesa Electric Orchestra combines a robust grid connection design with a flexible and wide range of functionalities.

*Energy Management Functionalities are executed either upon an external P/Q reference or as part of a time scheduled event. Gamesa Electric Orchestra has the option to include time based production scheduling.
Consult Gamesa electric for advance functionalities in PV plants without batteries.

Orchestra functionalities & applications

Power Quality Applications

Frequency Control

Voltage Control

Energy Management Applications

PV Ramp Control

PV Energy Shifting

Advanced Functionalities

Black Start / Grid Forming / Synchronization with external grid

* Please consult Gamesa Electric for different configurations
(1) Consult Gamesa Electric for a specific configuration
(2) Consult Gamesa Electric for different Standards/Directives
(3) Optimum for solutions where the Stor Controller is located in a near proximity of the POI measurement (<10m [32.8ft])

Aditional Information

Grid Code Analysis Support:

  • Grid code analysis by project
  • Grid integration, grid impact and Grid Performance Standards (GPS) support
  • PSS/E, PSCAD and DigSILENT models available upon request

Data Logging:

  • Plant performance at the POI
  • Battery performance
  • Local & cloud based options
  • Webserver

External Control and Monitoring Interfaces:

  • Customer Control Centre
  • O&M Support Centre
  • Grid Operator / Dispatch Centre
  • Asset Operator
  • System Aggregator / Bidding Operator

Power Electronics

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