Our commitment to a quality product, with its associated high return on investment, is attained through more than 90 years of experience producing electrical machinery and by implementing manufacturing systems based on highly successful industrial concepts. In addition, the development of state-of-the-art technologies, both preexisting technologies and our own patents, ensures optimal equipment availability and an extensive installation service life.


All types of cooling


Fit to site


Wide range of customized accessories


Roller or sleeve bearings


Custom terminal box and mounting anchors


Inertia values determined based on the needs of the installation

Complete solutions for hydroelectric energy generation

Gamesa Electric has gathered a large experience (>3.000 MW) in synchronous generator for small hydro power plants, including submerged generators

Gamesa Electric’s synchronous electric generators offer a complete solution for small hydroelectric power stations. These generators are designed in line with the specific turbine parameters and the plant’s operation requirements. Project critical data is considered during design to guarantee maximum output at low loads, while also ensuring the equipment’s reliability throughout its service life.


Both horizontal and vertical assembly. Can be adapted to any number of poles or different speeds.


VPI & resin-rich total insulation. Robust rotor manufacture.

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Gamesa Electric has a leading service of technical assistance.
A team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, capable of carrying out analysis and plant repairs with a capacity of response that allows reaching the client’s facilities in 24h.*


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