Commissioning for the Red Sea PV Plant in Benban photovoltaic complex

Commercial operations where achieved on the 16th of October for the sixth and last of the six parks that have been built with ELECTRIC equipment in Benban Photovoltaic Complex.

Located in Egypt and with a total power of 1.8 GW, Benban is currently the largest photovoltaic complex under construction in the world. The equipment installed is subject to extreme environmental conditions, with ambient temperatures that can reach 47ºC.

We have recently completed the start-up and production tests PR (Performance Ratio tests) of this project so we can announce the acceptance by the customer of the plant.

For this sixth project with a total power of 50 MW, we supplied 11 of our 5 MVA PV Station 5000 photovoltaic solar stations. Each of these stations has 2 of our highly efficient PV 2500 solar inverters, which scores one of the highest performance records in the market (99.0% maximum performance, 98.8% European performance), and withstands extreme temperatures of 50ºC without derating.

Each of these stations also includes the step-up transformer and the medium voltage protection switchgear. All these integrated into a 40-foot ISO maritime container, with all the interconnections made and tested in the factory, for ease of both field assembly and installation.

The total 300 MW (400 MWp) of this project will generate 870 GWh/year, reducing the emission of CO2 by around 350,000 tons/year.