Gamesa Electric PV 2250/2500

Gamesa Electric
PV 2250/2500

Efficiency and reliability with optimum grid compliance


Maximum energy production

Market leading energy efficiency of 99.1% (IEC 61683).

Up to 50ºC and 2000 m with no power derating.

Enhanced MPPT algorithm to achieve outstanding MPPT efficiency values at static and dynamic states.



Smart liquid & air cooling system that allows critical components to work at temperature level far below the limit, ensuring product life span.

Tier I suppliers for critical components with best-inclass MTBF values.

“Easy to support” concept, with heavy components in removable trays, reducing maintenance and repair time (MTTR).


Grid compliance

An extensive list of grid-code compliances, including the most demanding ones, such as Germany, Mexico, South Africa and more.

Full operating range reactive power supply for both day and night operation through the so-called Statcom mode.

Non-characteristic harmonics cancellation over distorted and unbalanced grids.

Gamesa Electric PV 2250/2500

Maximum efficiency

Gamesa Electric PV 2250/2500

Advanced liquid+forced air cooling system

Gamesa Electric PV 2250/2500

DC cabinet with compact design. Up to 427 kVA/m3

Gamesa Electric PV 2500 Gamesa Electric PV 2250
Input (DC)
Recommended PV-Power 3250 kWp 3000 kWp
DC Voltage Range 900-1500 V
DC Voltage Range MPPT 900-1300 V
DC Maximum Voltage 1500 V
Max. DC Current @25°C 2936 A 2920 A
Max. DC Current @40°C 2880 A 2860 A
Max. DC Current @50°C 2823 A 2800 A
Max. DC Short-Circuit Current 3600 A
Number of DC Ports Up to 24
Output (AC)
Number of Phases Three-phase without neutral point
Nominal AC Power @25°C 2600 kVA 2500 kVA
Nominal AC Power @40°C 2550 kVA 2350 kVA
Nominal AC Power @50°C 2500 kVA 2250 kVA
Maximum AC Current @25°C 2275 Arms 2187 Arms
Nominal AC voltage 660 Vrms
Voltage Allowance Range (2) +/-10%
Frequency Range 47.5 - 53/57 - 63 Hz
THD of AC Current <3% @Sn
Power Factor Range 1 / 0 (leading) to 0 (lagging)
Max. Efficiency 99.0% 99.1%
Euro-Efficiency 98.8% 98.8%
Stand-by Power Consumption < 200 W
Energy Production from 0.5% Pn approx.
General Data
Temperature Range - Operation -20°C/+50°C (60°C)
Temperature Range - Storage -20°C/+70°C
Maximum Altitude < 2000 m (without derating)
Cooling System Liquid + forced air cooling
Relative Humidity 95% (without condensation)
Protection Class IP 20
Dimensions (W/H/D) 2800 x 2230 x 975 mm
Power Density @25°C 427 kVA/m3 410 kVA/m3
Power Density @50°C 410 kVA/m3 370 kVA/m3
Weight 2400 kg
Communications Modbus TCP-IP Ethernet RJ-45, F.O., CAN Bus, F.O. Interbus
Reverse Polarity Detection Included
DC Overvoltage
Protection Class II
DC Overvoltage
Protection Class I + II
AC Overvoltage
Protection Class II
AC Overvoltage
Protection Class I + II
AC and DC Short-Circuit Protections Included
Over-temperature Protections Included
Ground-fault & Insulation Monitoring Included
DC Side Disconnection Motorized DC section breaker (on-load)
AC Side Disconnection Motorized AC circuit breaker
Gamesa Electric PV 2250/2500 Gamesa Electric PV 2250/2500 Gamesa Electric PV 2250/2500
IEC 61000-6-2
IEC 62109-1
IEC 62109-2
EN 55011
IEC 61683
IEEE 519
IEC 62116
IEEE 1547
UL 1741: 2011
C22.2 No.107.1-01:2001
DC ground connection kit
Low temperature kit (< -20ºC)
Touch display
(HMI – Human Machine Interface)
Current monitoring of DC inputs

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