First hydro generators produced locally in Turkey

We have received both the Local Good Certificate and the Conformity Certificate for our first hydro generators produced locally in Turkey. This has been possible only after a deep collaboration with local authorities and certification entities

The projects Buyuk Karacay, Gelen, Gok and Taskopru have a total power of 41 MW together. The electrical generators installed, have been produced in at least a 51% in Turkey following our specifications.

In our continuous improvement to offer the best possible service to our customers, we have developed a complete local supply chain in Turkey. Our partner EMS is a local manufacturer that, through a built-to-print process, produces locally at least a 51% of the parts for our electrical generators. This has been possible using our exact specifications while being supported by a strong and wide network of local suppliers.

The Turkish Government is giving incentives to encourage promoters and owners of hydropower plants to install machinery produced in the country. With this incentive, the payback period is reduced, which helps promoting the investment in hydropower in the country.

With a total hydropower capacity of more than 28 GW in the country, Turkey has been the first producer in hydroelectric power in Europe and the fourth in the world this year with 1 GW of new capacity installed.

This country has been a key market for us with around 530 MW installed to date. With important projects such as Niksar, a 40 MW hydropower plant that mounts our biggest hydro generator produced so far, we are becoming a key player in hydropower generators.

Thanks to this important milestone, and after obtaining the same certificates for our 3.3 MW electric generator for wind applications, we can also say that we are taking steps to lead the renewable energy transition in Turkey.

We have also developed a local supply chain of spare parts, to guarantee a fast preventive and corrective service of our generators. This improved supply chain guarantees a better response time, improving greatly our competitiveness in the country in comparison to other manufacturers.