Gamesa Electric PV Station 5000

Gamesa Electric
PV Station 5000

Plug&Play MV solution for large-scale 1500 V power plants


Harsh environmental conditions

Double physical protection (metallic container and inverter enclosure) against dust and sand.

Liquid cooling allows to reduce air flow exchange necessities, avoiding dust and sand entrance in critical components.

Any O&M task can be performed within the building (metallic container), avoiding climatic conditions exposure.



5 MW solution based on 2 field-proven Gamesa Electric PV 2500 inverters.

More yield in challenging sites: operating up to 50ºC and 2000 m without derating.

Best support available from our service organization.


Plug & play

Fully assembled and tested MV solution.

Quick installation on field, reducing installation time and costs.

Easy to support and mantain.

Gamesa Electric PV Station 5000

Successfully operating in extreme locations

Gamesa Electric PV Station 5000

Advanced liquid+forced air cooling system

Gamesa Electric PV Station 5000

MV Transformer up to 38 kV

PV Station 5000
Input (DC)
Number of Inverters 2 x Gamesa Electric PV 2500
Maximum Input Power Up to 6000 kWp
DC Voltage Range, MPPT 900-1300 V
Maximum DC Voltage 1500 V
Maximum DC Current per Inverter (25ºC) 2936 A
Number of DC Inputs Up to 48
Output (AC)
AC Output Power @ PF=1, 25ºC 5200 kVA
AC Output Power @ PF=1, 40ºC 5100 kVA
AC Output Power @ PF=1, 50ºC 5000 kVA
MV Switchgear 0L1V/1L1V/2L1V SF6 isolated
Transformer Type KNAN/ONAN hermetically sealed
Maximum AC Current per Phase (50ºC) 2300 Arms
Total Harmonic Distorsion (THD) <3% @Sn
Power Factor 0-1
Inverter Efficiency
Maximum 99.0%
Euro-efficiency 98.8%
CEC 98.97%
General Data
Dimensions (W/H/D) 12192 x 2896 x 2435 mm
Weight 21000 kg
Operation Temperature -20ºC to 60ºC (up to 50ºC without Derating)
Maximum Altitude (without Derating) 2000 m
Maximum Relative Humidity (without Condensation) 95%
Degree of Protection IP53 (inverter and MV switchgear compartments)
IP10 (transformer compartment)
Own Consumption in Operation per Inverter <4100 W
Stand-by Operation Consumption per Inverter <200 W
AC Voltage Protection Motorized AC circuit breaker
DC Voltage Protection Morized DC disconnector switch
DC Overvoltage Protection Type II
Galvanic Isolation (Transformer) YES
Protection for Auxiliary Systems YES
Optionals Standards
String Boxes Monitoring IEC 62271-202
UPS for Supplying Trackers IEC 62271-200
Motorized MV Switchgear IEC 60076
IP 54 Protection Kit IEC 61439-1
Seismic Reinforcement IEC 61000-6-2
Power Plant Controller UNE-EN 55011:2016
IEC 62109-1/2
IEC 62116
IEC 61683
CE marking

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