New PV 3X series AEP and UEP versions
with MV solutions up to 9.4 MW

We launch new AEP and UEP versions of our PV 3X series solar inverters family. With MV solutions up to 9.4 MW, these are the most powerful solar inverters currently available on the market.

This large power rating enables major LCoE improvements for our clients. With fewer units needed per project, not only Capex is reduced, but also the costs associated with transportation, assembly and maintenance. Our Gamesa Electric PV 3X series PV Stations are characterized by high power, flexibility and performance. Thanks to multiple voltages available, the option of one or two inverters per MV station, and IEC and UL certifications already available, there is always an optimal configuration for every single project.

The AEP and UEP versions have a market leading efficiency of 99.5%, which, together with the CoolBrid liquid-air hybrid cooling system, provide excellent performance even in the most demanding environments.

The inverters of the PV 3X series family allow a DC/AC ratio of up to 200%. This ensures optimal operation with bifacial modules and within hybrid “PV + Storage” applications. In addition, this inverter family has bi-directional configurations to allow connection of batteries in both AC and DC coupling topologies.

Full details of the new AEP and UEP versions are now available in the PV 3X series sections:

Gamesa Electric PV 3X series – PV Inverters

Gamesa Electric PV 3X series – PV Stations