Gamesa Electric is awarded with 25 MVA supply contracts for Sablirot Nord and Labrit PV plants in France

With the signing of these new contracts, Gamesa Electric becomes a relevant player at France PV market, largely contributing to the energy transition in the country.

Gamesa Electric has been awarded two new contracts for the supply of equipment destined for Sablirot Nord and Labrit PV projects. Both plants, developed by the same client, are located 50 km away from Aquitaine region, in the Landes department. They will include products from our Gamesa Electric PV 2X series family, which combine maximum power with large flexibility for best LCoE.

Sablirot Nord is a 10 MVA project, for which we will supply four units of inverter PV 2500 integrated in two PV Stations 5000 (40 feet containers).

Three units of Gamesa Electric PV Station 5000 will be supplied for Labrit project, (total power of 15 MVA). Each one of these stations incorporates two PV 2500 solar inverters, which have one of the highest efficiency values on the market (99.1% maximum efficiency; 98.8% European efficiency). Furthermore, a great list of optionals has been considered to comply with client requirements as well as with the French Network Code and regulations. Among others, a step-up transformer with inrush current limiter has been included for Labrit project to comply with the regulations of ENEDIS (the French Medium Voltage network operator).

Last but not least, customer specifications required really demanding temperature conditions at these projects for both components: inverters (50ºC) and transformers (55ºC). Solutions provided by Gamesa Electric assure outstanding performance while keeping reliability, even for this type of harsh environments.