Commissioning of Zafra PV Plant

With a total power of 45.386 MWac, Zafra PV Plant has been commissioned recently in Sevilla. According to the emission factors published by the Spanish Office of Climate Change (OECC), it will avoid the emission of 40,000 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

Zafra is our third project in Spain utilizing our prefabricated concrete solution, which integrates 2 photovoltaic inverters and the MV switchgear. Also an outdoor transformer is used together with this PV stations.

With a total power of 45.386 MWac, we supplied nine Solar PV Station 5000, including 18 PV 2500 Inverters (2,600KVA @ 25ºC). Also, for grid code interconnection requirements compliance applicable to the photovoltaic plant, a Power Plant Controller was supplied.

This project is part of the agreement formalized last year with the same client for the supply of solar photovoltaic stations for five plants in Spain. With a total of 250 MW, 150 MW were awarded by the Government of Spain to our client in the last renewable energy auction. They became this way the first private equity company, apart from business groups listed on the stock exchange or in the hands of investment funds, in MWs awarded and occupying the sixth position in the total allocation ranking.