Commissioning of Nam Tha 4 Hydropower Plant in Vietnam

Two Gamesa Electric hydroelectric generators of 9 MW each have been installed on Nam Tha 4 hydropower plant, located on Nam Tha Stream, about 30km away from Van Ban township.

With a total capacity of 18 MW, this run-off-river plant is connected to the national electricity grid, contributing to the sustainability of power generation in Vietnam. With this Gamesa ELectric hydroelectric generators, the total annual power generation is considered to be of 46,550MWh, 98% of which will be supplied to the national grid, avoiding the emissions of 26,932 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Nam Tha 4 is our 7th project developed in collaboration with this client to whom we have supplied more than 100 MW for many previous projects installed in six different countries. This plant consolidates our cooperation and our joint commitment to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels with clean, renewable power sources.