Gamesa Electric PV Controller

Gamesa Electric
PV Controller

Power Plant Controller (PPC)

Gamesa Electric PV inverters have a very flexible and dynamic hardware/software circuitry that allows operation far beyond of the limits imposed by international standards. Although the inverters are normally configured to meet standard applications (i.e. official grid codes, maximum production of active power...) it is possible upon client or grid operator requests to modify these standard setups to overcome problems related with low quality grids or to provide grid stability capabilities. The set of control equipment required to carry-out the above listed characteristics is called Gamesa Electric PV Controller.

Gamesa Electric PV Controller

Gamesa Electric's PV Controller paired with Gamesa Electric PV inverters, Gamesa Electric Statcom and Gamesa Electric Stor PCSs (bi-directional inverters for energy storage systems) can perform all these requirements.

  • On-demand active and reactive power generation capability in order to match grid power generation and consumptions.
  • Capability of power factor regulation at PCC. The inverters shall regulate reactive current in order to match the power factor required by the operator at PCC.
  • Capability of voltage regulation at PCC. The inverters shall regulate reactive current in order to normally obtain a PCC voltage of 1 p.u.
  • Reactive current injection during voltage dips or immediately after the voltage dip.
  • Reactive power injection/absorption at nights.
  • Control of active power – frequency regulation, ramp-up control...
  • Occasionally control of additional equipment as capacitor/inductor bank or Statcom units could be required to fulfill the above referred requirements. A new trend is the requirement of energy storage capability, actually required by some grid operators. Battery chargers and battery banks should also be controlled in this scenario.

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