Commissioning of La Fernandina PV solar plant in Merida

Last December, we completed the commissioning and performance acceptance test for La Fernandina photovoltaic solar plant in Merida, Spain.

The plant is Gamesa Electric’s first large solar project in Spain and will prevent the emission of around 40,000 tons/year of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This is also the first of the three contracts that we were awarded with together with the same client as part of the 2018 electric auction with a need for connection before the end of 2019.

The plant has a total of 9 of our 5.0 MVA PV Stations for a total power of 45 MWac. Each of these stations has two of our PV 2500 high efficiency solar inverters, which rates one of the highest performance records in the market (99.1% of maximum yield, 98.8% of European yield).

Each station also includes the step-up transformer and the medium voltage protection switchgear.

Based on the quality of our products, the technical capacity of our team, and our competitiveness in costs, this client has relied on us for this and for the other two projects that will be built in Spain in the upcoming months.