We supply a generator for the Nye Suvdøla plant in Norway

The hydroelectric power station has a capacity of 9.9 MVA and replaces the previous one doubling its power.

The new plant, which has one of our hydroelectric generators, was commissioned last July in the municipality of Drangedal, in the Norwegian province of Telemark.

With a capacity of 9.9 MVA this plant replaces the previous installation located four kilometres upstream. The production of clean energy is possible thanks to the 327 meter water head that drives a Pelton turbine connected to our generator.

Due to its location near the urban centre, the integration with the environment was an important factor for the final design. The plant has a fully glazed front façade so, beside complying with the demanding technical requirements, our engineering team had to also meet with the aesthetic requirements.

As the leading producer of hydroelectric power in Europe and the sixth in the world, Norway is a priority market for us. At Gamesa Electric we keep our commitment with local producers, continuing with our contribution to the development of a more sustainable world.