Refurbishment of Heid-de-Goreux hydropower plant in Belgium (10 MW)

We have been awarded a new contract for the supply of two 5 MW synchronous hydro generators to replace the previous equipment that dates from 1930.

We will take part in the refurbishment of Heid-de-Goreux, a run-of-river plant located in Liege, Belgium. This is our first project with this client, that has trusted our team and equipment for this works that will enable this facility to continue to contribute to a carbon-neutral future.

Heid-de-Goreux is a “run-of-river” power station that operates without an upstream storage reservoir. The power station is supplied by the Amblève river via an underground pipe running for 3.5 km and with a difference in level of 40 meters.

We will supply two 5 MW synchronous Gamesa Electric hydro generators with the corresponding auxiliaries. The equipment is being replaced following the flooding of the plant of 2018.

Dating from 1930, this installation was pioneer in the production of renewable and local energy in Belgium. The completion date for this renovation works is scheduled for the summer of 2022.