Puerto Galera BESS project (6 MW, 6MWh) in the Philippines

The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is part of a hybrid project combining a 16 MW wind power facility and the battery storage provided by Gamesa Electric.

We supplied, installed and commissioned the complete energy storage system consisting of two Gamesa Electric Stor PCS charger stations and two Stor DC battery stations.
The project also includes a Hybrid Plant Controller (HPC) system. The HPC system manages the power generated and stored at the plant and can fine tune the wind turbines to optimize the entire plant’s performance such as wind forecasts and other factors.

Hybrid solutions reduce the intermittency of renewable energy, and as such provide huge growth potential. This plant proves our capabilities to offer energy solutions to areas with difficult access to an electricity grid. It will also help the region to cut its diesel use and emissions, while using storage facilities to assure that people have access to clean energy when they need it.

The operation of the hybrid plant, which is subject to the relevant government permits, is optimized thanks to the Energy Management Service (EMS) provided remotely by our technicians. The plant represents a significant technological advance towards making renewables an energy source that can be used on demand.