27 MVA supply contract for six new PV plants in Toledo

We have been awarded a new supply contract for 6 new photovoltaic plants in the province of Toledo (Spain) for a total power of 27 MVA.

The total supply will be of six PV Stations 4500, all of which include two of our PV2250 inverters integrated in 40 feet containers . This is our first project with this client who is a solar panel manufacturer and the EPC for these projects who will be in charge of the operation and maintenance of the plants for two years.

These plants will be equipped with single-axis trackers and 400 Wp solar panels. Given the power of the plants and their connection in Medium Voltage, the use of a PV Plant Controller is not required.

Each one of these plants has a 4.5 MVA power and they are located in different municipalities of the province of Toledo: Cruz de Calderón, in the municipality of Oropesa; Cuartillejo, in the municipality of Sonseca; Retamala, in the municipality of Gálvez, and Prados de Luna I, II and III, located in the municipality of Villanueva de la Sagra.