Gamesa Electric’s PV 3X series inverter breaks the efficiency record with 99.52%

The Gamesa Electric PV 3X series inverter has achieved the highest efficiency levels on the market with a maximum value of 99.52% and an EU value of 99.31% in the certification tests carried out by CERE. These values place the PV 3X as the most efficient solar inverter on the market, not only among central inverters but also among string inverters.

The efficiency of a PV inverter is a key parameter as it is directly related to PV plant energy production. Higher PV inverter efficiency value translates into higher PV plant production at no additional cost and therefore higher project return (IRR) and lower cost of energy (LCoE)

These record efficiency values are possible mainly thanks to the CoolBrid advanced cooling system, which consists of a liquid-air hybrid system that allows the equipment to work with minimal losses.

The Gamesa Electric PV 3X series comprise a broad and flexible range of solutions for grid-connected projects, with one of the most powerful and compact inverters on the market with up to 3.9 MVA, allowing outdoor MV solutions up to 7.8 MVA in 40ft skid.

Fore more information, please download Gamesa Electric PV 3X series inverters brochure