New supply contract for a hydro project in Colombia

We will supply two hydroelectric generators for the TZ-II project, located in Tarazá in the province of Antioquía, Colombia.

For this new plant, our eighth project with this client, we will supply 2 hydro synchronous generators of 5 MW each.

Antioquía province is leading the hydroelectric power generation in Colombia through small hydroelectric plants – those using small waterfalls for hydroelectric developments of up to 20 MW. Gamesa Electric generators are a versatile and reliable solution for this small hydroelectric projects.

As a pioneer in the development of small hydroelectric plants, the model taken in Antioquía is being studied to be replicated in the whole country as part of the project established by the Government for the generation of renewable alternative energy.

The participation of hydroelectric generation in the national energy supply is more than 99% of the renewable source alternatives. From these, hydroelectric projects without reservoir, which take advantage of surpluses or water edges, are considered by several experts as the future of power generation.

With this new project, we are already present in six different countries with this client, for whom we have supplied equipment with a total power of 100 MW.