Gamesa Electric obtains certification according to the new Spanish grid code (NTS 631) for its PV 3X series inverters

The certificate was issued by CERE (Certification Entity for Renewable Energies) and shows that the PV 3X series inverters meet all the requirements for connection to the grid as set out in the Norma Técnica de Supervisión (NTS) in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/631.

The NTS is the previous step to the publication of the ministerial order that will make it compulsory for any equipment that intends to connect to the grid in Spain, according to future operating procedure PO12.2. Gamesa Electric is anticipating this obligation and offers its customers equipment that has already been certified for connection, thus speeding up the validation and certification of photovoltaic installations. The certification process now completed for the PV 3X series models will continue with the rest of the inverters in the catalogue.

The PV 3X series is one of the most advanced families of central inverters on the market with integrated high capacity solutions up to 7.8MVA, record efficiency of 99.5% and compliance with the most demanding grid codes worldwide.