New 18 MW contract for Kiangan hydropower project in the Philippines

The Asin, Hungduan, and Ibulao Rivers sit at the foot of 2,000-year-old rice terraces, an essential element for agriculture and daily life for all who live near them. These rivers will also serve as the site of three run-of-river mini hydro power developments with 18 MW combined capacity that will provide more than 22 villages with new or improved electricity.

The total supply for this project will be of three 6 MW Gamesa Electric synchronous hydro generators and one 4 MW Gamesa Electric synchronous hydro generators for these three mini hydro developments. Run-of-river developments come with a lighter footprint than a typical dam, avoiding flooding and relocation of people.

The Philippine Department of Energy estimates that the country currently has untapped hydro resource potential of up to 13,000MW. Around 2,000MW of this total amount lies in mini hydro developments like Kiangan.

This is not the first time this client has trusted our products and team capabilities as together, we have installed a total of 185 MW for  a total 11 projects in 8 countries.