Nachtigal hydroelectric project

At the end of 2021, the Minister of Water and Energy in Cameroon visited the Nachtigal hydroelectric project (420MW) site located 65km from Yaoundé. The project is 51.7%, finished for the civil engineering and energy transport lot

The following lots to be accomplished will be the electromechanical lot, the transmission line and the ‘staff housing estate’.

Gamesa Electric supply for this project will be one 5 MW synchronous hydro generator.

The energy infrastructure will generate over 2,900GWh yearly. As a result of $1.3 billion investment, the Nachtigal hydroelectric dam shall be the largest energy infrastructure ever built in Cameroon. The funds for its construction were raised through a public-private partnership.

This is the first time this client has trusted our products and team capabilities , and we will strive to achieve our best as usual to extend our partnership.