Gamesa Electric releases a new White Paper

Advanced solar and storage inverters, a key part of the energy transition.

  • The integration of renewable energies into the electricity grid could lead to imbalances if renewable equipment is not prepared.
  • So-called grid-forming inverters, with advanced grid functionalities such as fast frequency and voltage response, and black-start, will be essential to achieve a 100% renewable grid.

More advanced solar and storage inverters, with new functionalities, will be essential if we want to safely integrate into the grid the large amounts of renewables that will be installed in the coming years.This is the main conclusion of the white paper titled “What advanced grid functionalities should state-of-the-art inverters offer?” that Gamesa Electric has recently published.

“In the complex process of the energy transition to zero-emission generation, there is one major forgotten element: the grid”, says Andrés Agudo, Chief Technology Officer at Gamesa Electric,“and it must be taken into account that a large part of the ancillary services now provided by large synchronous generators in fossil generation plants will have to be replaced by solar, wind and storage inverters”.

Most of the solar and storage inverters currently installed have basic grid functionalities, so “we must make the leap to advanced inverters, such as our Proteus model, with advanced grid functionalities, such as fast response in frequency and voltage, or black-start”, says Andrés Agudo.

The white paper is available for download at