New supply contract in Vietnam, 22 MW for Nuoc Luong hydroelectric project

Gamesa Electric reaches a new agreement for Nuoc Luong Hydro-Electric Power Plant in Hoai An district, Vietnam.

This is a hydroelectric project, commissioned by the Central Energy Association, for the mountainous district of Hoai An, a well-connected rural area in the south-central part of the country.

The hydroelectric power plant, with a capacity of 22MW, will contribute to a positive improvement of the electricity infrastructure and will change the entire economic structure of the district, helping to industrialize it.

The project design will help the indigenous population to secure water supply. The man-made dams have helped to control flooding during the rainy season and regulate river flows during the dry season.

The total supply for this project will be of two Gamesa Electric synchronous hydro generators, 12MW each one.

This is the 25th time Gamesa and this client work together. This client has trusted our products and team capabilities as together we have installed a total of 394 MW in 6 different countries.