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Remote Commissioning Service


Every day closer to our clients

At Gamesa Electric we keep on working every day to be closer to our clients. Our new remote testing service allows for access to witness both control and factory acceptance test of our equipment in a comfortable and simple way.

This tool will help you to visualize interactively real-time status and data of the tests in progress. The new remote testing service joins other digitization developments, such as our augmented reality support, which provides in real time technical support and training in specific processes.

On-line real time access

Comfort and accessibility

AR Trainings

Zero Paper

Gamesa Electric Reinosa

Electric motors and generators
manufacturing & repair solutions

Our commitment to a quality product, with its associated high return on investment, is attained through more than 90 years of experience producing electrical machinery and by implementing manufacturing systems based on highly successful industrial concepts. In addition, the development of state-of-the-art technologies, both pre-existing technologies and our own patents, ensures optimal equipment availability and an extensive installation service life.


Standard and custom products


Service & repair

Overhauling Services

Complete solutions for the revision and repair of electric motors and generators

The experience accumulated during more than 90 years in the repair of electric motors and generators along with a wide knowledge coming from the development of first-class technologies, both of existing patents as of own patents, allows the company to ensure its customers a high return of their investment by:

Adequacy of available resources and technology for the repairs.

Testing during manufacturing process as well as on the finished electrical machine ensure the maximum availability of the equipment an maximize the lifetime of the installation.

Gamesa Electric has extensive experience in repairing multibrand motors and generators in the main electrical generation and industrial sectors:

  • Wind
  • Hydro
  • Mobility
  • Marine Propulsion
  • Cement
  • Thermal
  • Mining
  • Oil
  • Nuclear
  • Chemical
  • Steel

The best technology with the support of the world’s biggest renewable energy company

Commitment with safety: 0 lost time cases

Commitment with quality: Continuous improvement

Commitment with client: on-time deliveries, satisfied customers

Commitment with Competitiveness

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Technical Assistance Service (TAS)
Power Converters & Controls

Always at your service

Gamesa Electric has a leading service of technical assistance.
A team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, capable of carrying out analysis and plant repairs with a capacity of response that allows reaching the client’s facilities in 24h.*


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Technical Assistance Service (TAS)
Gamesa Electric – Electric Generators & Motors
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