Complete solutions
for the revision
and repair of electric motors
and generators

A highly experienced technical department, supported by more than 90 years of expertise and the most advanced means of production, lead us on our determined approach to quality.

UNE 73401: 1995 certification

Gamesa Electric Reinosa

Experts in repair electric motors
& generators since 1930

The experience accumulated during more than 90 years in the repair of electric motors and generators along with a wide knowledge coming from the development of first-class technologies, both of existing patents as of own patents, allows the company to ensure its customers a high return of their investment by:

Adequacy of available resources and technology for the repairs.

Testing during manufacturing process as well as on the finished electrical machine ensure the maximum availability of the equipment an maximize the lifetime of the installation.

How we work



90 years designing, manufacturing and repairing electrical machines.
Experienced personnel in construction and repairs for both our own machines and multibrand machines in the most diverse sector.



Design and production engineers at customer’s service to make sure to find the best tailored solutions to each need.
The highest quality levels to optimize the result and maximize the return on the investment.


Life Extension

Same quality controls and processes used in both machine repairment and new machinery production. This allows for optimal results and a life extension of the repaired machinery, and therefore a reduction of the OPEX.


Asset Enhancement: Upgrade / Optimisation / Repowering

Machinery modifications and updates to optimize their performance and durability. This allows for an increase on asset value, reducing the CAPEX.


On site assistance

On site assistance
An experienced technical assistance team capable of analyzing the root cause of a fault on site and determining the necessary corrective actions. Available to assist anywhere the asset is located.



We manage any necessary transport of the machines to be repaired door to door (plantworkshop-plant) so that the client does not have to worry about such management, which, in certain cases, may require transport and special permits.

1200 m2 dedicated exclusively
to overhauling services

Critical Phases Are carried out in the main production area

  • Winding
  • Balanced
  • Impregnation
  • Final essays

Assembly area

  • Works in progress
  • Mounting
  • Painting

Receptions area

  • Reception
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning

Test benches


Vacuum curve up to> 1000 A Back to back warm-up tests Bifrequency heating tests Water / Glycol Cooled Assays MV tests up to 15 kV

Contact us

Always at your service

Gamesa Electric has a leading service of technical assistance.
A team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, capable of carrying out analysis and plant repairs with a capacity of response that allows reaching the client’s facilities in 24h.*


Technical Assistance Service (TAS)
Electric Generators & Motors
Paseo Alejandro Calonge, 3
39200 Reinosa (Spain)

+34 600 922 857

India Technical Assistance Service (TAS)
Electric Generators & Motors
KSEZ Premises, Village & Post Racharlapadu,
Adjacent to NH-5, Kodavaluru Mandalam,
524319 Nellore, Andhra Pradesh (India)