“Gamesa Electric Proteus”: a new name for the Gamesa Electric family of Inverters

Gamesa Electric announces the launch of a new denomination for its family of power converters for PV and Energy Storage, which will begin to be marketed under the brand “Gamesa Electric Proteus”.

Gamesa Electric Proteus is the new generation of central inverters for PV and Storage applications that introduces significant improvements for Large-Scale Projects. This evolution allows to Proteus Inverters to be candidate for this year’s Intersolar Award 2022.

This new name – chosen from more than a hundred alternatives proposed by the company’s workers – responds to the values and principles with which each power equipment at Gamesa Electric is conceived and built.

Enrique de la Cruz, Sales Director of Solar & Storage at Gamesa Electric, explains: “Proteus is related to the mythological figure that represents flexibility, speed, versatility and also has the ability to foresee and anticipate the future. These are characteristics with which we feel very identified since they are part of the DNA of our solutions. In fact, one of the reasons why we consider this denomination so appropriate is that Proteus links perfectly with our motto: Shaping New Energy”.

This change also seeks to highlight the enormous evolution of the company’s power inverters -especially since we introduced the first outdoor version «Gamesa Electric 3X series» in 2019 – until today.

On May 3, the details will be presented in an online live event hosted by PV Magazine as well as many other novelties and characteristics of the equipment.

The Product will be physically available to see the following week at Intersolar Europe 2022 – one of the main events in the sector – which takes place in Munich from 11 to 13 May. There visitors will have the opportunity to see the equipment at the Gamesa Electric booth.

It is important to note that the characteristics, operation and technical details of the Gamesa Electric Proteus inverters will be the same as those currently offered in the catalog, not affecting in any way the projects in execution or planning.

The new name, which will be incorporated in April to the company’s website and documentation, is an important step to reinforce communication about the capabilities and philosophy of the Gamesa Electric family of inverters, framed in a new scenario that demands greater versatility, and where versions for solar conversion are included, hybrid with DC coupled storage, AC storage and also for the conditioning of electrolyzers in the generation of Green Hydrogen.