Hydroelectric Power

Mordøla hydroelectric project

Mordøla  hydroelectric project

NVE was granted permission to build Mordøla power plant in Luster. Mordøla power plant will produce about 11.9 GWh in an average year. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of about 600 households. NVE is fully committed to promote renewable projects.

NVE believes that hydropower- Power Plant is fully in line with the general interests of the local community, and will contribute to increase production of renewable energy.

The total supply for this project will be a 5,5 MW Gamesa Electric synchronous hydro generator.

This client has a great trust in our products and capabilities as, together, we have installed a total of 58 MW in 10 different projects, all of them in Norway.


Mordøla Hydroelectric project
Location Luster | Norway
Year 2022
Power 5,5MW
Total supply 5,5MW Synchronous Hydro Generator