New contract for the supply of solar power stations in Córdoba (Spain)

Gamesa Electric will supply PV 2500 solar inverters  for the photovoltaic plant Gamonarejo 36, located in Posadas (Córdoba, Spain). This plant will have a power of 44.95 MWac and will cover an area of ​​125 hectares. In total, the photovoltaic generator field will add a peak power of 49.96 MWp.

The technology used is solar tracking to a horizontal axis and orientation of the North-South axis. The plant will contain 153,729 solar modules 325 Wp.

For this project, the total supply will consist of six 5.1 MVA precast concrete solar stations, each of which will include two high efficiency PV 2500 solar inverters at 1500 Vdc, and six 2.55 MVA precast concrete solar stations that will only include one of our photovoltaic inverters. Medium voltage is supplied with its step-up transformer and medium voltage protections in all solar stations.

In addition, a central controller of the power plant will be supplied. It will coordinate the response of all solar inverters to meet the interconnection requirements of the power plant’s grid code.

According to theoretical data, the photovoltaic plant would have 1,920 equivalent solar production hours and therefore could export 95,900 MWh per year to the grid.

Thanks to everyone who makes this possible.