New supply contract in Switzerland, 6 MW for Luchsingen hydroelectric project

Gamesa Electric reaches a new supply contract for the 1st time with a new client, for a refurbishment project in the Glarus Süd municipality, Switzerland.

In its basic form, the Luchsingen power plant has existed for almost 80 years, and the license for the further operation of the plant was granted in 2017. Among other things, a new pump line is to be created from the rock spring. This optimization will increase flexibility in power generation by tripling the available reserves.

With the planned stronger pair of turbines, the installed capacity increases from 3.6 to 5.8MW. This means that it will be able to produce around a third more electricity than today, reaching up to 5.000 households.

We are committed to deliver our first 6 MW hydro generator in Switzerland, which is one of the most strongly committed countries to renewable energy. We thank our customer for this first opportunity.

The total supply for this project will be of one 6MW Gamesa Electric synchronous hydro generator for Luchsingen Hydro Power Plant.