12 MW hydro generator for a plant in the Congo

This new contract will supply a 12 MW generator for the upgrading of Bendera Central, that provides electric power to the city of Kalemie.

We have received a new supply contract for a 12 MW synchronous generator to increase the power capacity of the Bendera power plant. This is our first project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Bendera plant is installed on the dam that provides electricity to the city of Kalemie and a large part of the province of Tanganyika, located on the East of the country.

This hydroelectric power station produces 8.5 MW at the moment. With the works on its 2nd turbine and the construction of the 3rd turbine that are being carried out at the moment, the production capacity of electric energy will be increased greatly.

This installation is of great importance for the region. The lack of energy is one of the main obstacles to the development of this rural area in a country in which only nine per cent of Congolese have access to the electricity network.

Located at the center of the Congo river basin, the country receives 30 per cent of the annual rainfall of the entire African continent. Therefore the country has a large hydroelectric potential estimated at 700 TWh/year, or 8% of the global potential.