New supply contract for two hydro generators in Vietnam

Nam Cau 1 and 2 hydropower plants consists of two small run-of-river reservoirs, forming an environmentally friendly solution to the growing energy demand in Vietnam. This will be the first renewable energy power plant operating in this area.

Gamesa Electric will supply two complete synchronous generators of 6.6 MW each for Nam Cau 1 Hydropower project. Together with Nam Cau 2, where we previously supplied two 7.2 MW hydro generators back in 2018, Nam Cau 1 form a hydro powerplant located in Bum To commune, Lai Chau province in the north of Vietnam.  This new project shows the confidence that this client has in both our team and equipment.

The project has a total capacity of 13.8 MW, with an expected annual net electricity generation of 59,143 MWh. The project will be delivering electricity to the national grid system and will offset the combustion of thousands of tonnes of fossil fuels.

Gamesa Electric has previously worked with this client in a total of 16 projects, with 273 MW of installed power capacity in 6 different countries.

Vietnam is the 17 world producer in hydroelectric power in the world and the third in Asia, after China and Japan, with a 16,679 MW installed capacity according to The International Hydropower Association (IHA).

Contribution to sustainable development

Nam Cau 1 meets the criteria of contribution to Sustainable Development, such as lowering greenhouse gas emissions by saving fossil fuel use, improving the quality of life of the community by meeting electricity demand and creating jobs, and transfer of technology and skills through import of key items of plant, as well as contributing to local economic development.