Gamesa Electric triples solar inverter orders by 2022 driven by the success of its Proteus product


  • 98% of the 2022 contracts are for the new Proteus inverter.
  • USA is the main market, followed by Europe and Latam.


Gamesa Electric has had a record year in 2022 in its solar and storage inverter business, almost tripling the contracted capacity compared to 2021. Specifically, during 2022 Gamesa Electric experienced a 182% increase in the MWs signed compared to the capacity contracted in 2021.

Juan Barandiaran, Managing Director of Gamesa Electric, said: “We are delighted with the strong demand for our products and services this year. It is a proof of the hard work and dedication of our team and encourages us to continue to innovate and offer our customers top quality products such as the Proteus inverter”.

One of the reasons for this successful year has been the launch of the new Gamesa Electric Proteus, a central inverter for solar and storage applications with up to 4700kW of power and record levels of efficiency. In fact, 98% of the contracts signed are related to this solution, a clear sign of the great reception it has had among customers. In addition, the Proteus inverter has received the prestigious Intersolar Award as the best solar product of 2022, as well as the “Inverter of the Year” awarded by one of the leading media in the sector.

“We have seen a strong demand for our product in markets such as the USA and Spain, which have favourable regulation and certainly value the technological advantages of the product and its impact on reducing LCOE” says Enrique de la Cruz, Gamesa Electric’s Solar & Storage Sales Director “We have entered new markets such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Denmark and Switzerland and we are pleased to collaborate with large customers such as Siemens AG”.

Some of the notable 2022 contracts include the Crooked Lake in USA (193MW), Zvizdan project in Herzegovina (28.5 MW), Portón del Sol in Colombia (113 MW) and Mica Creek in Australia (88 MW). Gamesa Electric also announced a gigawatt-scale strategic cooperation agreement with Siemens AG.

Overall, it has been a successful year for Gamesa Electric, with strong demand for its products and expansion into new markets. The company is well positioned for the expected strong global growth in solar, storage and green hydrogen installations.


About Gamesa Electric

Gamesa Electric is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical equipment, with extensive experience in photovoltaic, hydroelectric, marine propulsion, wind energy and energy storage applications, among others. Gamesa Electric’s portfolio of solutions for solar generation is based on high-capacity central solar inverters such as the new Proteus PV of up to 4.7 MVA, and energy storage solutions for large generation plants. Its advanced technology, combined with extensive operational experience, provides its customers with robust, reliable and high-performance solutions. Gamesa Electric is a company 100% owned by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, a global leader in the wind energy sector with more than 124 GW installed worldwide and global team of more than 27.000 people.