Commissioning of Kambul PV plant

Commissioning of Kambul PV plant

Last May, the grid connection tests for this 38 MW power plant, located in the Yucatan peninsula, were completed successfully by the National Energy Control Center (CENACE)

To date, Mexico is the country with the highest PV development in Latin America. This project will help to strengthen our presence in a country where we have already installed many products such as wind power converters & controls and electric generators for WTGs, statcoms and hydro generators.

The total supply for this project was of 11 photovoltaic solar stations of 2.8 MVA and 1 station of 1.4 MVA. All of these stations include our PV 1400 solar inverters are installed, which scores one of the highest market yield records in (98.6% of maximum yield, 98.4% of European yield).

Each station also includes a step-up transformer and a medium voltage protection switchgear. All these are integrated into 40 foot (2.8 MVA) or 20 foot (1.4 MVA) ISO maritime container, with all the interconnections made and tested in the factory for ease of field assembly and installation.

Kambul PV Plant
Location Yucatan, Mexico
Year 2019
Power 38 MW
Total supply 11 x 2.8 MVA PV Stations
1 x 1.4 MVA PV Station