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Gamesa Electric presents its most powerful PV central inverter at MIREC WEEK 2019 to reduce the LCoE of utility-scale projects

The new Gamesa Electric PV 3750 is one of the most powerful and compact inverters on the market with 3.75 MVA, allowing outdoor MV solutions up to 7.5 MVA in 40ft.

Driving down LCoE of utility-scale projects is the main goal of Gamesa Electric’s product catalogue. The new Gamesa Electric PV 3750 inverter is a great step ahead on this direction and it is one of the highest power (3,75 MVA) inverters available on the market. This inverter model includes an advanced cooling system (liquid and air), “easy to maintain” concept and best-in-class MTBF values for critical components, guaranteeing product reliability.

PV Station 7500

Gamesa Electric PV 3750 inverter achieves one of the highest power densities in the market, making possible to supply a complete PV station including MV transformer and switchgear of up to 7,5 MVA in a standard 40 ft skid (real plug&play). High nominal power together with a compact design mean relevant LCoE improvements, thanks to the reduction of the number of PV station units per project and therefore saving logistics, construction, DC cabling and maintenance costs.

Ready for the most demanding grid codes

The new Gamesa Electric PV 3750 inverter complies with an extensive list of grid codes all over the world, including the most demanding ones. Moreover, it can provide full operating range of reactive power for both day and night operation through the so-called Statcom mode

Storage products

Together with PV inverters novelties, Gamesa Electric will present its product family Gamesa Electric Stor, a product line consisting of bi-directional inverters designed to work with all type of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and with a wide DC voltage input range, making them compatible with any battery technology (battery-agnostic).

You can find out all about the new Gamesa Electric PV 3750, PV Station 7500 and Gamesa Electric Stor at MIREC WEEK 2019.


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