24 MW for Nam Sak hydroelectric project in Laos

Laos is estimated to have a potential of up to 27,000MW, making it the “battery of Southeast Asia”.

The government has therefore launched a strategic master plan, with the aim of achieving a 90% electrification rate as part of the long-term national development plan, to improve the country’s electrification rate. This will improve rural productivity and reduce poverty through fair economic growth.

Nam Sak is a run-off-river scheme project, with a combined objective of using local resources to develop economic independence by improving infrastructure and to strengthening the structure of the local power grid.

This new agreement is the 17th time with this client, for a new project implementation in Nam Sak, Laos. This client has trusted our products and team capabilities as together, we have installed a total of 504 MW, in 10 different countries.

The total supply for this project will be of three 8 MW Gamesa Electric synchronous hydro generators for the new Nam Sak Hydro Power Plant.