Gamesa Electric Stor PCS

Gamesa Electric
Stor PCS

Bi-directional inverter for large-scale energy storage systems


Lower LCoE

Market leading efficiency of 99.1% @660Vrms (IEC 62683).

Up to 50°C (122ºF) and 2000 m (6561 ft) with no derating.

Outstanding compactness that reduces logistic & field installation costs.


Maximum performance

Four quadrant operation for full active and reactive power support.

Direct frequency/voltage control for fast response time.

Large number of grid control modes including weak grid and island mode operation.



Double DC Input topology for separate ESS connection resulting in lower fault DC currents and greater ESS availability.

ESS technology agnostic with wide DC input range (up to 1300 Vdc @full power).

DC input harmonics fine tuning for minimum ESS perturbance.

Gamesa Electric Stor PCS

Maximum efficiency

Gamesa Electric Stor PCS

Advanced liquid + forced air cooling system

Gamesa Electric Stor PCS

Successfully operating in extreme locations

Gamesa Electric
Stor PCS 1510
Gamesa Electric
Stor PCS 1760
Gamesa Electric
Stor PCS 2080
Gamesa Electric
Stor PCS 2270
Input (DC)
Battery Power* 2 x 825 kW 2 x 960 kW 2 x 1135 kW 2 x 1240 kW
DC Minimum Voltage* 620 V 715 V 845 V 925 V
DC Maximum Voltage (w/o Derating) 1300 V
DC Maximum Voltage (with Derating) 1500 V
Number of Power Modules (DC Inputs) 1/2 (Single or Double DC Input Configuration)
Max. DC Current per DC Input @25°C 1460 A
Max. DC Current per DC Input @40°C 1430 A
Max. DC Current per DC Input @50°C 1400 A
Max. DC Current Total @50°C 2800 A
Number of DC Ports per DC Intput/Total* Up to 12/24
Output (AC)
Number of Phases Three-phase w/o Neutral Point
Nominal AC Power per Single Power Module @25°C (77ºF) 785 kVA 915 kVA 1080 kVA 1180 kVA
Nominal AC Power per Single Power Module @40°C (104ºF) 770 kVA 895 kVA 1055 kVA 1155 kVA
Nominal AC Power per Single Power Module @50°C (122ºF) 755 kVA 880 kVA 1040 kVA 1135 kVA
Nominal AC Power Total @50°C (122ºF) 1510 kVA 1760 kVA 2080 kVA 2270 kVA
Maximum AC Current per Single Power Module @50°C (122ºF) 1094 Arms
Maximum AC Current Total @50°C (122ºF) 2187 Arms
Nominal AC Voltage* 400 Vrms 465 Vrms 550 Vrms 600 Vrms
Voltage Allowance Range (2)* +/- 10%
Frequency Range* 47.5 - 53/57 - 63 Hz
THD of AC Current < 3% @Sn
Power Factor Range 0 (Reactive)-1-0 (Capacitive)
Max. Efficiency 98.1% 98.3% 98.6% 98.7%
Euro-Efficiency 97.8% 98% 98.3% 98.4%
Stand-by Power Consumption <200 W
General Data
Temperature Range - Operation** -20°C/+50°C (60°C) (-4ºF/+122ºF (140ºF))
Temperature Range - Storage -20°C/+70°C (-4ºF/+158ºF)
Maximum Altitude*** <2000 m (<6561 ft) without derating
Cooling System Liquid + Forced Air Cooling
Relative Humidity 95% (without Condensation)
Protection Class IP 20
Dimensions (W/H/D) 2800 x 2230 x 975 mm (110.2 x 87.8 x 38.4 in)
Power Density @25°C (77ºF) 258 kVA/m3
(7.30 kVA/ft3)
300 kVA/m3
(8.49 kVA/ft3)
355 kVA/m3
(10.04 kVA/ft3)
388 kVA/m3
(10.98 kVA/ft3)
Power Density @50°C (122ºF) 249 kVA/m3
(7.04 kVA/ft3)
289 kVA/m3
(8.17 kVA/ft3)
342 kVA/m3
(9.67 kVA/ft3)
373 kVA/m3
(10.55 kVA/ft3)
Weight 2400 kg (5291 lbs)
Communications* Modbus TCP-IP, Ethernet RJ-45, F.O., CAN Bus, F.O. Interbus
Reverse Polarity Detection Included
DC Overvoltage Protection Class II Included
DC Overvoltage Protection Class I + II Optional
AC Overvoltage Protection Class II Included
AC Overvoltage Protection Class I + II Optional
AC and DC Short-Circuit Protections Included
Over-temperature Protections Included
Ground-fault & Insulation Monitoring Included
DC Side Disconnection Motorized DC Section Breaker (On-load) - (2 in Total)
AC Side Disconnection Motorized AC Circuit Breaker - (2 in Total)
IEC 61000-6-2
IEC 62109-1
IEC 62109-2
EN 55011
IEC 61683
IEEE 519
IEC 62116
IEEE 1547
UL 1741: 2011
C22.2 No.107.1-01:2001
Other Standard Compliance****
IEC 61727
IEC 62163
DC Ground Connection Kit
Low Temperature Kit (<-20ºC (<-4ºF))
Touch Display (HMI – Human Machine Interface)
Current Monitoring of DC Inputs

* Consult GaE for different configuration
** With derating from 50°C - 60°C (122ºF - 140ºF)
*** Up to 4000 m (13123 ft) with derating
**** Consult GaE for other Standards/Directives

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