Gamesa Electric
Stor DC Station

Energy Storage

Integral battery
storage solution

Gamesa Electric Stor DC Station

Gamesa Electric
Stor DC Station

Maximum energy and versatility
for utility-scale projects



Utility scale PV + Storage, Standalone, Commercial and Industrial.

Renewables integration, anciliary servicies, frequency control, time shifting.

Transmission and distribution enhancement.



Up to 25 years design life.

Innovative thermal management system with either air or liquid cooling.

Product and performance warranties available.



NFPA 855 complaint design, including fire suppression system off-gas and smoke detectors.

Station Monitoring Unit (SMU) for system monitoring through distributed intelligence to ensure maximum safety.

First-class battery cells from Tier-1 battery manufacturers.

Stor DC Station

Container dimensions: 45 ft
Max. Capacity: 7.8 MWh

Stor DC Station

Container dimensions: 40 ft
Max. Capacity: 6.8 MWh

Stor DC Station

Container dimensions: 20 ft
Max. Capacity: 3.2 MWh

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Power and Capacity

Safety first. Each Stor DC Station includes the so-called Station Monitoring Unit (SMU) allowing a rapid detection and actuation for maximum prevention, safety and hazard free operation.

20 ft Stor DC Container 40 ft Stor DC Container 45 ft Stor DC Container
Main Characteristics
Installed DC Capacity @ <= 0.5C* < 3.2 MWh < 6.8 MWh < 7.8 MWh
Installed DC Capacity @ <= 1C* < 2.0 MWh < 4.2 MWh < 4.8 MWh
Installed DC Capacity @ <= 2C* < 1.2 MWh < 2.5 MWh < 3.0 MWh
Maximum DC Voltage* < 1310 V
Minimum DC Voltage* > 850 V
General Data
Temperature Range – Standard -5ºC / +40ºC [23ºF / +104ºF]
Extended Temperature Range – Opt 1 -20ºC / +50ºC [-4ºF / +122ºF]
Extended Temperature Range – Opt 2 -40ºC / +60ºC [-40ºF / +140ºF]
Maximum Altitude – Standard < 1000 m [3281 ft]
Extended Maximum Altitude – Opt 1 < 2000 m [6562 ft]
Extended Maximum Altitude – Opt 2 < 4000 m [13124 ft]
Cooling System HVAC
Relative Humidity 5% – 95% (w/o condensation)
Protection Class – Standard* IP54
Corrosion Protection Class – Standard C4H
Corrosion Protection Class – Opt 1 / 2 C5 / C5H
Dimensions (H / W / D) 2896 x 6058 x 2435 mm 2896 x 12192 x 2435 mm 2896 x 13716 x 2435 mm
Weight (w/o batteries)* < 8200 kg < 14700 kg < 16500 kg
Weight (with batteries)* < 30000 kg < 55800 kg < 63500 kg
Auxiliary Power Supply
Auxiliary Power Supply Connection* 400 Vac, 3 ph, 50 / 60 Hz
UPS – Controlled FRT and Safe System Disconnection* Included (up to 10 mins of autonomy)
DC Short-circuit Current Protection DC fast fuses
DC Overvoltage Protection* Optional (coordinated with the associated PCSs)
DC Ground Fault and Insulation Detection* Optional (coordinated with the associated PCSs)
DC Overload Protection (Charge and Discharge) Included (both PCS and BMS protection level)
AC Aux. P.S. Short-circuit Protection Included
AC Aux. P.S. Overvoltage Protection Included
Emergency Stop Push Button Included
Fire Suppression System (FSS) Included
Off-gas Detection System Included
Anti-explosion and Venting System Included
Over-temperature Protection Included
Control Modbus TCP/IP
Monitoring Modbus TCP/IP
Station Monitoring Unit (SMU) Included
Battery Management System (BMS) Included
Webserver Optional
Optionals Main Standards
Disconnection Switch – BCP level NFPA 855 IEC 62619
Extra UPS (additional loads) UN 38.3 IEC 60529
HVAC Redundancy (N+1) UL 1642 CE Marking
HVAC Free-cooling Kit UL 1973 UL 9540
HVAC Variable Consumption Kit IEC 62619 NFPA 70 & 70E
Low / High Temperature Kit IEC 61000-6-2
High Altitude Kit IEC 61000-6-4
Corrosion Protection Class C5 / C5H
DC Station Seismic Reinforcement

* Project specific, please consult Gamesa Electric for a specific configuration

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