Gamesa Electric
Stor Controller

Battery Energy
Storage System
Control & Monitoring

Gamesa Electric Stor Controller

Gamesa Electric
Stor Controller

BESS control & monitoring


Broad & Flexible Functionality

BESS standalone, renewables and conventional generation colocated, or Solar + Storage True Hybrid configuration.

Power and energy oriented services, including frequency regulation, ramp-rate control, as well as time shifting, energy arbitrage, peak shaving and others.

Local and remote control and monitoring compatible with different user objectives: plant operator, grid operator, plant owner, services team, etc.


Grid Connection Robustness

Extensive grid code knowledge based on Wind, Solar and BESS experience in more than 54 countries.

Robust and accurate grid code compliance proven in the most demanding grid codes, including Australia, Europe, Mexico, South Africa, USA, and others.

Fast frequency control, Voltage control as a standard with advanced features, such as Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) mode and black start mode as an optional.


Intelligent Battery Management

Virtual Battery Model (VBM) approach to allocate BESS power and capacity to different services.

Smart multi-PCS and multi PV inverter coordination for maximum optimization of the battery usage.

Modular design and full scalability from small to large utility scale projects.

Full grid
with the best

Maximum control for
your Storage Solutions

Gamesa Electric Stor Controller brings intelligence to the storage system optimising resources and maximising performance

Standalone BESS

Standalone BESS

Hybrid PV + BESS

Standalone BESS

Gamesa Electric Stor
Controller combines a
robust grid connection
design with a flexible
and wide range of

Stor Controller Functionalities BESS Standalone Hybrid PV + BESS
Power Quality Grid Code Compliance (LVRT,HVRT, etc.) Yes Yes
Primary Frequency Control
(FFR, EFR, PJM RegD, etc.)
Yes Yes
Secondary Frequency Control / Spinning Reserve Yes Yes
Plant Ramp Control Yes Yes
PV Ramp Control Yes
Automatic Generation Control Yes Yes
Voltage Control (Qref, Vref, PFref) Yes Yes
Energy Management Energy Arbitrage Yes Yes
Peak Shaving / Load Shaving Yes Yes
Transmission and Distribution Deferral Yes Yes
PV Energy Shifting Yes
PV Curtailment Yes
Advanced Features (Optional) Grid Forming Yes Yes
Virtual Synchronous Machine Mode Yes Yes
Synthetic Inertia Yes Yes
Black Start Yes Yes

Energy Management Functionalities are executed either upon an external P/Q reference or as part of a time scheduled event. Stor Controller has the option to include time based charge-discharge scheduling.

Stor Controller
& applications

Power Quality Applications

Frequency Control

Stor Controller

Voltage Control

Stor Controller

Energy Management Applications

PV Ramp Control

Stor Controller

PV Energy Shifting

Stor Controller
General Data
Plant Configuration* BESS Standalone / Hybrid PV + BESS
Inverter Compatibility(1) Gamesa Electric Stor PCS 3X series
Gamesa Electric PV 3X series
Gamesa Electric PV 2X series
Main Characteristics
Dimensions (H / W / D) 800 x 600 x 300 mm [31.5 x 23.6 x 11.8 inch]
Weight 45 kg [99.2 lb]
Standard Protection Class IP20
Power Supply(2) 250W, 1ph, 230Vac 50/60Hz
Cooling Forced air
Mounting System Wall / Support structure mounted
Certification CE Marking
Environmental Conditions
Temperature Range – Operation(3) 0°C / +60°C [32°F / 140°F]
Temperature Range – Storage -10°C / +60°C [14°F / 140°F]
Relative Humidity 5 – 95% (non-condensing)
Maximum Altitude(4) 2000 m
Corrosion Protection(5) C4
Grid Metering
Integrated Direct Analog Readings(6) 3 x CTs and 3 x VTs
Grid Analyzer Optional
PV Inverter / PCS Modbus TCP/IP / Profinet
Grid Operator* Modbus TCP/IP
Webserver Included
Grid Analyzer
Low Temperature Kit up to -20 °C [-4°F]
High Altitude Kit up to 4,000 m [13,123 ft]
Protection Against High Corrosion C5
Power Supply Kit 250W, 120 Vac, 1ph, 50/60 Hz
Power Supply Redundancy
Cold Swap Redundancy
Hot Swap Redundancy
Communication Switch Redundancy

* Please consult Gamesa Electric for different configurations
(1) Possibility to connect additional compensation devices, such as capacitor banks or similar
(2) Optional Power Supply Kit 120 Vac, 1ph, 50/60 Hz
(3) Low temperature kit for temperatures up to - 20ºC [-4°F]
(4) Up to 4,000 m [13,123 ft] with high altitude kit
(5) Increased corrosion protection available upon request
(6) Optimum for solutions where the Stor Controller is located in a near proximity of the POI measurement (<10m [32.8ft])

Aditional Information

Grid Code Analysis Support:

  • Grid code analysis on project by project basis
  • Grid integration, grid impact and Grid Performance Standards (GPS) support
  • PSS/E, PSCAD and DigSILENT models available upon request

Data Logging:

  • Plant performance at the POI
  • Battery performance
  • Local & cloud based options
  • Webserver and SCADA visualization

External Control and Monitoring Interfaces:

  • Customer Control Centre
  • O&M Support Centre
  • Grid Operator / Dispatch Centre
  • Asset Operator
  • System Aggregator / Bidding Operator

Battery iStor Management Features:

  • Distributed PCS and BMS management for maximum system safety
  • Virtual Battery Model (VBM) for multi-application management
  • Multi-PCS and multi-SOC management
  • Intelligent Battery Rack Reconnection

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