Gamesa Electric PV Station 3400U

Gamesa Electric
PV Station 3400U

Larger MV solution
for LCoE reduction


CAPEX reduction

Less units needed per project, which results in lower equipment cost.

Reduced costs of transportation, offloading and site preparation.

Solution delivered preassembled, configured and tested, reducing on-site labour cost.


Plug & play

Fully assembled and tested MV solution.

Quick installation on field, reducing installation time and costs.

Easy to support and maintain.



Bidirectional inverter that allows PV Station to be configured as part of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in DC and AC coupling topologies.

Customization at PV station subsystems, such as MV transformer, auxiliaries’ system and DC input configuration, according to customer necessities.

Entire PV station can work as a Reactive Power Compensation System (STATCOM) at full power if required.

Gamesa Electric PV Station 3400U

Successfully operating in extreme locations

Gamesa Electric PV Station 3400U

Plug & Play

Gamesa Electric PV Station 3400U

Advanced liquid+forced air cooling system

Gamesa Electric PV Station 3400U
Input (DC)
Number of Inverters 1 x Gamesa Electric PV 3400U
DC Voltage Range 835-1500 V
DC Voltage Range MPPT 835-1300 V
Maximum DC voltage 1500 V
Max. DC Current @77°F 2 x 2070 A
Max. DC Current @122°F 2 x 1990 A
Number of DC Ports Up to 24 fuse +/- monitored
Up to 36 fuse + monitored
Number of MPPTs 1
Output (AC)
Number of Phases Three-phase
Nominal AC Power @77°F 3420 kVA
Nominal AC Power @122°F 3300 kVA
Nominal AC Voltage 13.8-34.5 kV rms
AC Power Frequency 50/60 Hz
Transformer Type 3.4 MVA Pad-mounted Dyn*
Power Factor Range Any
General Data
Dimensions (W/H/D) 381.9 x 102.4 x 82.7 in (9700 x 2600 x 2100 mm)
Temperature Range - Operation -4ºF/122ºF (-20°C/+50°C)**
Maximum Altitude 6561 ft (2000 m) without derating***
Cooling System Liquid + Forced Air Cooling
Protection Class NEMA 3R/IP 54
Cooling System Liquid + Forced Air Cooling
Weight 36376 lbs (16500 kg)
Auxiliary Cabinet YES (customization as option)
LVRT Capability YES, including reactive current injection
HVRT Capability YES
STATCOM Mode for Night Compensation YES
Communications Modbus TCP-IP
Overvoltage Protections AC Optional
Overvoltage Protections DC Type I + II SPD
Optionals Standards/Directives
-4º F Low Temperature Kit UL 1741-SA
UPS for Supplying Trackers UL 62109
High Corrosion Protection Kit NEC 2017
Seismic Reinforcement

* Preliminary value
** With derating from 77ºF (25ºC)
*** Up to 13120 ft (4000 m) as optional


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