Gamesa Electric
Proteus PCS-E Inverter

Maximum efficiency and compactness
for utility-scale energy storage projects

Gamesa Electric Proteus PCS-E Battery Inverters

Gamesa Electric
Proteus PCS-E
Battery Inverters

Maximum efficiency
for utility-scale projects


High Round Trip Efficiency (RTE)

High efficiency that allows to improve the overall system RTE and LCoS.

Smart liquid/air cooling system that allows critical components to work at temperature level far below their limits, guaranteeing longer product lifespan and lower thermal losses.

Low power derating, high power capacity at 1500Vdc, wide operating temperature range


Grid connection

Four quadrant operation for full active and reactive power support to comply with the most demanding grid codes.

Weak grid and micro-grid configuration with a seamless transition and black start capability

Fast frequency response Synthetic inertia Grid forming in parallel operation with the grid


Battery oriented

Safety centered design with instantaneous controls and monitoring.

Double power module topology for two independent battery connections allowing for much lower DC short-circuit currents and increased system availability.

Battery agnostic design to accommodate different battery technologies, up to 1500Vdc, including: li-ion, lead-acid, flow and others.

Gamesa Electric Proteus PCS-E Battery Inverters

cooling system

99.00% Maximum efficiency

Gamesa Electric Proteus PCS-E Battery Inverters

Coolbrid Advanced hybrid liquid and air cooling system

Gamesa Electric Proteus PCS-E Battery Inverters

Up to 5150 kVA at 850 Vrms

Gamesa Electric
Proteus PCS-E 4180
Gamesa Electric
Proteus PCS-E 4360
Gamesa Electric
Proteus PCS-E 4600
Gamesa Electric
Proteus PCS-E 4910
Gamesa Electric
Proteus PCS-E 5150
DC Input
DC Minimum Voltage for grid tied mode(1) 976 V 1018 V 1075 V 1146 V 1202 V
DC Maximum Voltage < 1500 V
Number of Independent Power Modules per PCS 2, not galvanically isolated
Max. DC Current 2 x 2227 A
Number of Fused DC Inputs per Power Module/Total(2) Up to 3+ & 3- / 6+ & 6-
Max. DC short-circuit withstanding capability 2 x 250 kA 3ms Double DC bus configuration
1 x 250 kA 3ms Double DC bus configuration
AC Output
Number of phases Three-phase w/o neutral point
Nominal AC Power Total @25ºC [77ºF], 1500VDC 4446 kVA 4639 kVA 4897 kVA 5219 kVA 5477 kVA
Nominal AC Power Total @40ºC [104ºF], 1500VDC 4183 kVA 4365 kVA 4607 kVA 4910 kVA 5153 kVA
Nominal AC Power Total @40ºC [104ºF], 1300VDC 4541 kVA 4739 kVA 5002 kVA 5331 kVA 5595 kVA
Maximum AC Current per Power Module / Total @40ºC [104ºF] 1970 Arms / 3940 Arms
Nominal AC Voltage(2) 690 Vrms 720 Vrms 760 Vrms 810 Vrms 850 Vrms
Nominal Voltage Allowance Range(2) +/-10%
Frequency Range(2) 47.5 - 53 Hz/57 - 63 Hz
THD of AC Current 1% @Sn
Power Factor Range(3) 0 (lagging) - 1 - 0 (leading)
Efficiency 99.00%
Stand-by Power Consumption < 200 W
General Data
Temperature Range - Operation -20ºC / +60ºC [-4ºF / +140ºF]
Maximum Altitude(3) < 2,000 m [6,561 ft] (w/o derating)
Cooling System Liquid & forced air
Relative Humidity 4% – 100% (w/o condensation)
Seismic(2) Zone 4 IBC 2012
Max. wind speed(2) 288 km/h (179 mph)
Snow load(2) 2.5 kN/m2
Protection Class IP55 class 1, NEMA3R
Dimensions (W/H/D) 4,325 x 2,255 x 1,022 mm [170.3” x 88.8” x 40.2”]
Weight 4535 kg [10,000 lb]
AC Protections
AC Side Disconnection & Short-circuit Current Protection Two motorized AC circuit breakers - one per each power module
AC Overvoltage Protection Type 1 + 2 SPD
Anti-islanding Included (SW)
Grid Voltage Fluctuations (LVRT, HVRT)(2) Included (SW)
Frequency Failure Included (SW)
DC Protections
DC Disconnection Two motorized DC switches (on-load) - one per each power module
DC Short-circuit Protection DC fast fuses (optional)
DC Over-voltage Protection Type 1 + 2 SPD
Reverse Polarity Detection Included
DC Ground Fault and Insulation Detection Included
Other Protections
Over-temperature Protection Included
Emergency Push Button Included
Control(2) Modbus TCP/IP
Monitoring(2) Modbus TCP/IP
Webserver Included
Low Temperature Kit to up to -30ºC [-22ºF]
Factory-fitted DC fuses
Factory-fitted joint DC inputs
Enhanced corrosion protection
IEC 62109-1 IEC 62920 IEC 60529 NEC 2020
IEC 62109-2 UL 62109-1 IEC 61727 CEA 2007
IEC 61000-6-2/4 IEC 62116 NTS 631 v1.1 SENP, v2.1 SEPE Rule 14, Rule 21
IEEE 1547 IEC 61683 UL 1741-SA PRC 024
EN 55011 IEEE 519 CSA C22.2

(1) At nominal AC voltage. Consult Gamesa Electric for other options
(2) Consult Gamesa Electric for a especific configuration
(3) Consult P-Q chart
(4) Up to 4,000m [13,123 ft] with derating as optional
(5) Consult Gamesa Electric for more details

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