New contract for Nam Tay hydro power plant (27 MW) in Laos

We will supply three 9 MW synchronous hydro generators and will increase our installed capacity in collaboration with this client to a total of 300 MW

We have been awarded a new contract for the supply of three 9 MW Gamesa Electric synchronous hydro generators for Nam Tay hydro power plant. The plant is located in Xaysomboun Province in Laos and will generate an annual energy supply of 101.16 GWh.

This will contribute to the total hydropower capacity of Laos that represents one of the richest countries in south-east Asia in terms of hydropower resources. Laos has a theoretical hydropower potential of 26.5 GW, according to the International Hydropower Association.

Nam Tay hydropower plant also represents our project number 21 with this client. Our collaboration will increase to a total of 300 MW installed capacity in 7 different countries. We are proud to have been chosen once again for this project and we would are grateful for our client’s trust in both our team and equipment.