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Gamesa E-2.25 MVA-SB-I


  •  New Gamesa Electric PV Inverter with DC Input Voltage Range up to 1.500 VDC.
  • The most compact indoor inverter in terms of size and weight. It allows the integration of 4.5 MVA plug&play solutions, including two inverters + outdoor transformer + switchgear, inside a 40ft ISO container.
  • It also allows PV installations up to 2.000 m without de-rating.
  • Closed liquid cooling circuit for power electronics immunizes against both dusty and sandy environments.
  • Five thermally isolated compartments, each of them incorporating a specific cooling system, guarantee a very low internal working temperature and enhance power electronics reliability.
  • A very low Kg/W ratio allows reduced logistic cost for both transport and unloading.
  • Easy to manufacture, easy to maintain: modular design eases access to components, minimizes manufacturing human error and facilitates O&M tasks.
  • Specific designed for grid integration. A unique control card and same CCU as installed in Gamesa wind generators. With over 5.000 units already installed for wind applications and a high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), Gamesa Electric’s CCU is a control system highly robust and reliable. At the same time, it complies with the strictest grid codes all around five continents.
  • Tropicalized control cards allow the inverter to work in very high humidity and dust environments.
  • Built-in web server for remote monitoring and control.

Technical File

Recommended PV-Power 2.500-2.700kWp  
Max. DC Current @ 50ºC 2.500 Acc  
DC Voltage range 935 – 1.500 V  
DC MPPT Voltage range
935 – 1.250 V  
Nº of DC ports Up to 20  
Energy production from 0,5% Pn approx.  
Nº of phases 3  
Nominal AC Power (50ºC) 2.250 kVA  
Maximum AC Power (40ºC) 2.300 kVA  
Maximum AC Power (25ºC) 2.500 kVA  
Nominal AC Voltage 660 Vrms  
Voltage allowance range -10 % / +10%  
Frequency range 47,5…53,0/57,0…63,0 Hz
Power Factor Any  
THD of AC current <3% @ Pn  
Nominal AC current per phase 1.970 Arms  
Max. AC current per phase 2.190 Arms
Max. Efficiency 98,5%  
Euro-efficiency 98,2%  
Stand-by power consumption <200W  
Other Features    
MPPT 1  
Permissible ambient temperature
-20ºC / +50ºC (+60ºC*)  
Relative humidity 95% (without condensation)  
Max. Altitude 2.000 m  
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 2.950 x 1.840 x 975 mm  
1.900 Kg  
Protection degree IP-20  
Cooling Liquid & Forced air
IEC 61000-6-2 IEC 61000-6-4  
IEC 62109-1 IEC 62109-2  
IEC 62116 IEC 61683  
For more information, please, contact Gamesa Electric    
 (*) With derating from +50ºC to +60ºC