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Diesel: Electric generators for GenSet application

Gamesa Electric, one of the world’s leading suppliers of  electrical equipment  (design, validation and manufacturing), takes another step forward in the genset market with the launch of the electric generators GAE PO 63/71 series for medium voltage gensets, ranging from 2  to 3.5 MVA.

This new series GAE PO63 and GAE PO71 are mainly focused in Diesel engine manufacturers and genset integrators to give them the product which better matches their needs. They are 100% developed to fulfill the requirements of the generator set application with the following main characteristics:

GAE PO 63/71

  • Power range between 2 and 3.5 MVA.
  • Medium voltage up to 13.8 KV
  • 1.500/1.800 rpm
  • Double bearing
  • IP23 / IP43

The company also has the know-how and experience gained in the production of hundreds of units for custom-built medium-voltage solutions (ranging from a single unit to short production runs), to supply custom made electric generators  for special genset applications. Its strong engineering design team and flexible production processes allow Gamesa Electric’s custom made electric generators to be adapted to the customer’s needs and to conform to any international standards.  


  • Power up to 20MVA
  • Medium & high voltage up to 15 kV with VPI insulation.
  • Medium & high speed generators.
  • All types of cooling available. (Air, water…)
  • Protection ratings up to IP55 and higher upon request.
  • Inertia values determined based on the needs of the installation.
  • Roller or sleeve bearings depending on requirements.
  • Main dimensions adapted to available space.
  • Custom terminal box and mounting anchors.
All the electric generators manufactured in our factories have been designed to comply with the global grid code regulations and the most demanding international standards, such as IEC60034, VDE0530, ISO 8528, NEMA MG-1 and optionally, UL/CSA.