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Since 1930, Gamesa Electric has been involved in the traction market, to the present day supplying a large portion of the motors and electrical generators in Spain's railway fleet. Always colaborating with the principal players at a world level, they have trusted in us for the manufacture of critical components to operate trains, trams, locomotives and metros.

Our range of motor products, including asynchronous as well as synchronous, have the following basic characteristics:

  • Sized so converters at medium and low voltage may feed them.
  • Large capacity to tolerate external vibrations.
  • Impregnation in silicon by means of VPI, for thermal class 200 ºC
  • Complete test bench.
  • Ingress protection IP23 or IP55

Thanks to our design capacity, Gamesa Electric offers custom-built design and serial production, with experience in delivering short and medium runs (from 10 units up to >200 units).

The 80 years experience accumulated in Reinosa, from the old times of direct current motors production, allow us to offer electrical, mechanical and thermal knowledge to design, manufacture and test both squirrel cage motors fed by converters and state-of-the-art products: permanent magnet machines.

Gamesa Electric has the knowledge of the phases of a traction project, from the design according to the client's specifications, to the manufacturing of prototypes and validations in the factory and onsite.