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Permanent magnets

With proven experience, working in wind, hydraulic and marine generator projects, Gamesa Electric designs and manufactures high-power magnet generators and motors, nowadays of up to 8 MW, for any number of revolutions.

Permanent magnet machines (which allow polar windings, brushes, exciters and voltage regulation equipment to be omitted) eliminate the losses caused by excitation of the rotor which increases performance, particularly in low load systems, and reduces refrigeration requirements.

Similarly they reduce the size of the machines in comparison with conventional asynchronous or synchronous technology therefore optimising the ratio of space to power. 

Custom-built designs

Gamesa Electric completes a specific study for each application and customer. When designing the products we take into account requirements for short-circuits, runaway speed, type of connection to the network and the machine in operation, refrigeration type, size and weight, amongst others.

Gamesa Electric offers different solutions whether with surface and embedded magnet technology (with a water jacket refrigeration system) or watertight machines appropriate for underwater operation or permanent magnet generators with high resistance to saline environments, like in offshore wind.