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STATCOM (Synchronous Static Compensator) is a regulating device used in AC electricity transmission systems, based on IGBT technology, with a vectoral control strategy for the generation of reactive energy.

It can generate both capacitive and inductive reactive current.. 






General characteristics

  • Voltage regulation.
  • Power factor regulation.
  • Accurate and continuous dynamic reactive power compensation (leading or lagging).
  • Fast dynamic response time.
  • Smooth response – no voltage distortion.
  • No resonance risk – valid for weak electric grids. Parallel connection.
  • Modular construction – redundancy and improved availability of the converter.
  • Up to 9MVAR in a standard 40-foot container. Controllability of up to 5 external capacitor banks or reactors, fulfilling a wide range of reactive power compensation (both capacitive or inductive).

Connection mode

Statcom connection mode 2




Ficha statcom especificaciones


Electrical characteristics Value
Rated Power 1,5 MVAR
Overload Capacity 3 seconds, up to 200%
AC Voltage (MV) From 11,8 kV to 34,5 kV (Step-up Transformer)
AC Voltage Range ± 20 % Vn
Grid Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Grid Frequency Variation ± 6 %
Harmonic current distortion (THDI) <3% @ full load
Power sections 1
Cooling Water/ Glycol
Reactive power accuracy > 99%
Voltage unbalance <3%
Control features Definition
Regulation control
• Reactive power control
• Power factor control
• AC Voltage control
Low Voltage Ride Through Yes
Reactive power command time response 40 ms
Communications Ethernet
Central Control Unit Can control up to 6 units of 1,5 MVAr
Ambient features Value
Temperature Operation Range -20ºC / +50C
Humidity 95%, no condensation
Altitude 2.000 m above sea level
Mechanical features Value
Dimensions  (width x height x depth) 850 x 1.730 x 1.000 mm   //   33,46 x 68,11 x 39,37 in
Weight 1.100 kg   //   2.425 lb
Protection degree IP 54
Protections Definitions
Short-circuit and overload Circuit breaker protection
Surge protection Varistor type class II according to IEC 61643-1
Power blocks Overcurrent protection
Temperatures • Cabinet
• Control unit
• Power blocks 
• Grid inductor
Alarm record historic database Available on remote and local controllers