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Windfact® is a solution from Gamesa Electric for compliance with the legislation for network regulation of wind farms in operation in the face of voltage drops. It is preferentially integrated at a substation level, avoiding the need for retrofits or substitution of the existing wind turbines and without affecting the factory guarantee. The Windfact® system protects the machines mechanisms during voltage recovery after the drop and allows start-up and continuation without losing availability of the farm 

General characteristics

  • When a voltage dip happens in the grid, many of the wind turbines installed in wind farms are disconnected, thus jeopardizing the system's stability.
  • The increasing penetration of wind energy in the energy production mix is forcing grid operators to lay down new regulations for wind energy generation in order to ensure the system's stability.
  • Aware of the need for a solution to this problem and in order to comply with grid regulation codes, GAMESA has developed a specific solution based on power electronics that allows for compliance with the requirements set forth without the need for retrofitting or of replacing existing wind turbines.
  • Windfact® is a solution that is preferably installed and connected in series at a substation level between the wind farm and the grid.
  • Start-up and maintenance without affecting the wind farm.
  • Does not affect wind turbine manufacturers' warranties.
  • Prevents falls in the wind farm's availability rates as a result of equipment failure.

Windfact Model

Windfact model
Wind fact power range (MW)
Estimated Surface (m2)
N20 / N30 >22,5 134
O20 / O30 22,50- 32,60 163
P20 / P30 32,70 - 43,50 221
Q20 / Q30 43,60 - 48,10 221
R20 / R30 48,20- 51,75 211

Connection Mode