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Gamesa Electric has a varied range of alternators and motors available for marine use. Found amongst their technologies are synchronous induction and permanent magnet machines.

Gamesa Electric designs these products according to the requirements of Classification Societies, to ensure their satisfactory integration with the boat's existing systems. Examples of the requirements include: overload specifications, ambient temperature, short-circuit, quality and inspection plan procedures, bearings, sound level and vibrations.  Furthermore, Gamesa Electric integrates specifications selected by the customer; studies on military applications are also available. 

During the design process, Gamesa Electric integrates the drives into the electric motor's design, therefore the motor's isolation is designed to not only consider the voltage peaks but also to resist the rapid voltage change (dV/dt) that occurs when connected to a PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation).

At the same time, the motor-drive system is analysed collectively to guarantee the lifecycle of the bushings, minimising maintenance costs and ensuring that all equipment delivered complies with reliability requirements.

Gamesa Electric also offers their clients designs that are custom-built to their needs, including specific electrical parameters and refrigeration systems optimised to the available space (for example the water jacket system).