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Energy Storage

Gamesa Electric has developed a portfolio of bi-directional inverters (Gamesa E-PCS, Power Conversion System) for  BESS (battery energy storage systems). These BESS are nowadays more frequently present in multiple applications, either power or energy applications, such as:
  • TEnhancing integration of renewable energies into the electrical grid, reducing the intermittency inherent to solar PV or wind energy, and hence reducing the grid disturbances, ensuring stability of frequency and voltage
  • Allowing a better balance between electricity demand and supply
  • Allowing energy arbitration, minimizing peak demands or displacing the generation curve  towards  hours of better remuneration (time shifting)
  • Providing auxiliary services, such as frequency regulation or active power ramp rate control
  • Or minimizing the diesel consumption in off-grid generation plants
Gamesa Electric’s bi-directional inverters are very versatile and battery agnostic, being able to manage a wide range of DC voltages from the batteries, either in Li-Ion or flow (Redox) battery technologies

Gamesa Electric’s bi-directional inverters inherit the know-how and track-record acquired by the company in sectors like wind or PV, ensuring the fulfillment of the most demanding grid code requirements worldwide.  Moreover, they incorporate functionalities to ensure the operational lifetime of the battery, verifying parameters like the Stateof Health (SoH) and State of Charge (SoC) of the batteries.

Likewise in Solar PV, Gamesa Electric offers complete power stations for energy storage applications, integrating bi-directional inverters, step-up transformers and MV protection switchgears inside standard ISO maritime containers, factory tested to conform “plug and play” solutions ready to be installed in the field.    

Finally, Gamesa Electric may also supply Power Plant Controllers for BESS (also known as EMS- Energy Management System), for dynamic management of active power/frequency or reactive power/voltage regulation loops, combining several generation sources both in grid connected systems (such as wind converters, PV Inverters, bi-directional inverters for BESS, or Gamesa E-statcom), or in off-grid applications (managing additionally diesel gensets).

Gamesa Electric can provide the bi-directional inverters (alone or in “plug and play solutions”), the EMS or even the complete BESS, proposing the battery that better meets the customer needs though agreements with various battery manufacturers.